The One Pinterest Strategy No One Talks About

We’ve all seen them: ugly pins.

Pinterest strategies abound but something no one talks about much (although it’s part of what a lot of experts are alluding to when they talk about switching up pin designs) is the beautiful pin vs the ugly pin.

Are your pins beautiful? Be really honest with yourself: How do your pins rank compared to the best you’ve seen on Pinterest? Gorgeous photography accented with professional typography in all the right colors and all the right places can be really compelling. So many put the focus on growing their Pinterest views and reach, but what a lot of pinners (myself included) really need to work on is the graphic design/marketing aspect of creating pins. Of course followers and reach are important — you have to get eyes on the goods — but if you’re not focusing equally heavily on the quality of your pins I think you’re seriously missing out. After all, Pinterest pins are little billboards, little photographic advertisements of your blog posts.You can’t just throw something out there and expect people to share and click through ‘just because.’ They have to be drawn to it. They have to love looking at it for it to slow the scroll and grab their attention.

I’ve had 3 viral pins so far and they were all by far my prettiest and most balanced, attractive ones. I know *a little* about design but it was really just luck that these particular ones turned out so well — sometimes the pieces just fall into place.

Here’s what I’ve seen that works:

  • Beautiful photography
  • Bright, crisp colors with lots of contrast (white whites and black blacks)
  • Large, easy to read text (and not too much of it)
  • Well-balanced, pleasing-to-the-eye layouts
  • Catchy, compelling copy

So besides all the stuff we hear about how often to pin and what keywords to use and tribes and group boards and blah blah blah, keep in mind that you’re still not going to get very far if your pins are ugly, unattractive, boring or hard-to-read.

But don’t stress too much about perfection either. Just keep this in mind, and as you develop your skills and get more experienced your pins will naturally improve.


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