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I’ve been a professional writer since 2007. I still remember the day I walked out of my “day job” for the last time, knowing I was finally completely on my own. I was full-time freelancer! An actual professional writer. It was April 20th, 2007 and it was sunny and crisp out as I walked through the parking lot to my car, with a huge smile on my face and serious sense of disbelief in my heart that my days of setting morning alarms and carrying a pager and earning money through a time clock were over.

I turned 30 just 3 months after that, and I had THE BEST birthday. Becoming a writer and working for myself came with such a major sense of accomplishment, and was the result of a LOT of very hard work and persistence. I took a leap that year, and it paid off for me in more ways than one.

Now, 11 or so years later, here I am still freelancing it up! I’ve had some ups and down, and done the “starving artist” thing more than once, but I swore once I started working for myself I would never go back and I never have. But what I’m on to now is another leap: I’m moving from freelancing for other people to writing for myself. My own business. My own topics. My own deadlines. I officially launched in the fall of 2017, where I write about all things mom and family and lifestyle. Also revamping and putting a few “blogging about blogging” type posts on this site, because creating a money-making blog is a lot of what I’m thinking about lately so writing about my journey is a therapy of sorts.


The personal stuff

I’m married to wonderful guy named Chris and we have two young children together: a son Zeplin and a daughter Esme (lots of photos on my Instagram). We also have 3 cats and live in a unique 100 yr old house that used to be a church in a small town in rural Minnesota. There are about 2500 people living here in Slayton but fun fact about our area: there isn’t a single stop light in our entire county. Not one. It’s all just stop signs! I believe we’re the only county in MN to have that honor (which is actually pretty cool).

As for hobbies I’m currently in the thick of preschooler and baby life, so I don’t have a lot of time for myself, but when I do get the occasional leisure minute and I’m not writing for my blog(s) I like to garden, play video games, be generally artsy (I like drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, animation, crafts, etc), order monthly subscription boxes (love the surprise factor!) and binge on obscure Netflix Originals and Amazon Prime movies.


My writing experience

I’ve always been primarily a lifestyle writer, covering a variety of topics but specializing first (somewhat accidentally) in fashion and now more recently in mom and parenting topics.

My very first writing gig was in 2006 writing blog posts for a small celebrity gossip website. I moved quickly from there to AOL, where they had a large network of websites all connected but each specializing in very specific niches. I started writing on health and fitness topics for a site called That’s Fit, then added heart health topics on The Cardio Blog, eco topics on Green Daily, and eventually all things luxury on a large site called Luxist. I’m not a particularly glitzy girl but somehow I fit in well at Luxist — it was fun blogging about diamond-encrusted luggage tags and overly extravagant bottled waters gathered from faraway mountain tops. And it was there that I took over their daily “Handbag of the Day” feature, which was one of my favorites to write and marked the beginning of my interest in writing about fashion.

Luxist was a giant in its niche for awhile, but alas it would not last — AOL merged with The Huffington Post in 2011 and Luxist was a quick casualty. After that I went on to write for a wild mix of websites, covering everything from fashion and gossip to home decor and general lifestyle topics. I also did a good deal of ghostwriting for a small online PR firm called BitesizePR and contributed on a regular basis to the American Express properties Centurion, Departures, and Amex Essentials.


Fun links and random tidbits:

Amex Essentials – My bio and articles. I still write here occasionally.

Smosh — Humor unlike anything I’ve written anywhere else (really).

Fiesta Movement — I won a car! Seriously. Sort of. It was a unique and amazing social media experiment/experience run by Ford. You can see my super dorky entry video for it here (it’s almost painful to watch now, and it was a long time ago, but in all fairness it did win me the car).

Holes In Your Socks — My current project/mom blog (can’t leave that out!)