The Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

*Updated December 2019

Facebook groups have been one of my best resources for blogging inspiration, education, and camaraderie throughout my blogging journey so far. I have learned so much by reading others’ experiences, and seeing the questions and concerns of those at my level as well as those way ahead of me. Blogging groups on Facebook have saved me so many headaches and helped me not only have confidence that my struggles are not unique (blogging can be lonely so feeling ‘normal’ is good!), but also to learn some mistakes to avoid before I actually make them. I’ve also made a handful of genuine online friends in some of the smaller groups who have helped keep me inspired and motivated as we build and grow our “empires” through similar stages, as well as found some useful tools and courses I otherwise would never have discovered.

So it’s no surprise that I believe Facebook groups are a seriously invaluable tool for finding blogging success! But they’re also all as unique as the people who run them, with their own personalities and vibes and rules and communities, so what works for one blogger might not work for another.

Interested in a finding a few good ones? I’m happy to share my favorites! (Because the more the merrier.) And be sure to check my group! It’s first on the list below. 🙂

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General Blogging Groups

Write Better, Blog Better: Writing Support for Bloggers My group! Daily threads for writing and blogging support on topics like writing prompts, writer’s block, post titles, grammar, SEO, social media, blogging tools, collaborations, and anything goes self promo (on Saturdays).

Blogging Like We Mean It An active, engaged general blogging group with a slight lean towards Pinterest strategies and SEO. A good number of full-time bloggers in the membership.

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Large group with daily threads for various blogging tasks. They are slow to accept new members though, I’ve heard good things but as of writing this am still waiting to get in (4 days+).

Bloggers Supporting Each Other A larger group with daily threads for blog and social media engagement including some unique ones like LinkedIn and Google Page Rank.

Problogger Community No self-promo in this group, in fact they frown on any links at all (even relevant links that answer questions). The result though is a unique resource and pretty much spam-free experience of pure question and answer format.

DNW – Make Money From Blogging Not a new group but growing quickly in recent months. Active source of information for making a living with your blog.

Food Blogging, Photography, and Videography You don’t have to be a food blogger to enjoy this one, it’s great group for all bloggers who take their own photos (or hope to).

Blogging Newbs General blogging group with an active member list and feed. Self-promo thread on Tuesdays.

The Sway Facebook Group A community associated with the influencer network, and as such lots of advice and topics in here related to blogger/brand partnerships, sponsored post opportunities, and more.

Facebook Groups for Women and Mom Bloggers

Influential Mamas Exclusive to mom bloggers and influencers with moms as their target audience, daily threads for blog post and social media engagement. Well moderated, no self-promo in this group.

Mom to Mompreneur General blogging group for moms with a focus on growing traffic and building an income stream. Regular threads and active discussion with self-promo allowed on Tuesdays.

Boss Girl Bloggers A larger, active group for women for asking blogging related questions and sharing advice. Occasional social media and collaboration threads. No self-promo. Tightly moderated.

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs Not a blogging group persay, but a group for women entrepreneurs and many of the topics are relevant. Extremely large, fast-moving group with a weekly thread on Thursdays for self-promo.

Blogging & Social Media Engagement Groups

Twitter and Pinterest Fans All Twitter and Pinterest, all the time. Daily threads for Likes, Comments, Retweets/Repins, follows, and more.

Blogging Boost Large group with daily threads for various blogging topics plus a self-promo option on Mondays.

The Social Ninjas – Daily engagement threads for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Blogging Association A great smaller blogging and engagement group option for those who want some help with promotion but don’t want to spend hours every day completing threads.

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Small/Niche Facebook Groups for Blogging Friends and Fellowship

Women of Wisdom Exclusively for women bloggers age 40 and over. Occasional engagement threads but a focus on positive thinking and making personal connections. Close-knit and wonderfully supportive community that warmly welcomes new members.

Blessing Bloggers An intimate, upbeat general blogging group with a strong focus on faith and prayer as a means of support and inspiration. An especially great fit for faith-based bloggers!

Blogging and a Beverage Blogging Group Low key, relaxed, interesting writing challenges and prompts.

What are your favorite blogging Facebook groups?

Facebook groups live and die so fast! Keeping this list fresh will be no small feat so help a girl out and if you find a link that’s broken or a group that’s closed or inactive let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it up! Also feel free to share other groups you’ve discovered that are awesome and I’ll check them out and consider adding them (P.S. especially any blogging groups specific to men? I found this one but that’s it).


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22 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

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  1. This is a great list Rigel, I can’t wait to deep dive into it.

    I’m already on a few you mentioned, your group, blogging like we mean it, mom to mompreneur…

    They’ve been the key to my speedy growth so I really appreciate you sharing this list.

    I’ll be sharing it with my list.

    1. Rigel Celeste says:

      Thanks so much Lily!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Rigel! I am honored to be in a post with these amazing groups!

    1. Rigel Celeste says:

      Of course Linda! Your group is awesome!

  3. Super helpful! Thank you!

    1. Rigel Celeste says:

      Yay! So glad it’s helpful. 🙂

  4. What an awesome list! I’ve been a bit intimidated by all of the groups available but am learning more and more that it is vital to blog growth and super helpful with learning!

    1. Rigel Celeste says:

      Groups have totally helped me with the intimidation factor also!

  5. this blog is very informative. its easy to understand .keep posting

  6. Thank you for including Blogging & A Beverage among such great groups!

  7. Superabbb Post! I Love it So much… also this post is very informative for beginners,

  8. Very Helpful List Rigel. Thankyou for putting this together.

  9. Thank you so much for this list! I have joined quite a few of the groups now, and I’m looking forward to being part of these blogging communities.
    Best wishes. Pippa

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