Your ideal blogging platform is:

The best blogging platform for you is - woman's hands typing on keyboard

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Based on your blog goals (hobby only) and budget (zero) is the best blogging platform for you! With you get a free platform on the web’s most popular blogging software with fast and easy setup.


WordPress is awesome because:

• It powers more than 26% of the internet — that’s huge! And they didn’t get that big by being low quality or hard to use.

• Because it is the biggest, it also has the most themes and customization options available so you can build a site you really love.

• Because it’s so widely used it’s much easier to find support online should you run into issues (which we all do at some point). Ask other bloggers and there’s a good chance most of them are using it too (and maybe even have gone through what you’re going through!).

• Should you ever decide you want to own and/or monetize your blog, the software necessary for that is also WordPress. So if that ever comes up it will be easier to migrate over and you won’t have to learn a whole new program on top of everything else (saving time and brain power for the win!). Click here to get started on now!

Important notes about setting up on offers a place where you can start and run a blog for free, which is awesome! But of course “free” does come with limitations (this is the case with all free and “hosted for you” platforms online, not just Limitations include the fact that you will not fully own your blog and will not have full control over how it runs and operates — you are essentially borrowing or renting space for your blog, vs owning it. You will also not be able to monetize in any meaningful way on, with any of their plans, so please do not pay for their upgrades, ever! If/when you’re ready to upgrade, even a little, carefully consider a move to self-hosted instead. You can get more info on that here.

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