Your ideal blogging platform is: Self-Hosted WordPress

woman typing on keyboard, best blogging platform is self-hosted wordpress

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Why Self-Hosted WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress ( is the best of the best when it comes to blogging and building your own website, and it’s the only platform that gives you full ownership and control of how your blog looks, runs and operates. This is essential when blogging is going to be your business!

It’s also not as expensive as you might think. Downright affordable as blogging platforms go.

Getting started

If you’re ready to dive in signing up for self-hosted WordPress is pretty simple: choose a hosting company (see my recommendations next paragraph), select a plan, and click through prompts to get set up. They’ll walk you through the steps and take care of everything. And you can do everything in one spot with your hosting company — you don’t need to go to or to set anything up separately.

Hosting recommendations: I personally use and recommend Siteground for hosting but others I’ve been hearing good things about lately are Lyrical Host and Dreamhost. Bluehost is big and affordable, but they’ve been getting a lot of bad mentions in recent months for an increase in blog downtime/glitches/failures and poor customer service, so keep that in mind. Also definitely avoid Godaddy and Hostgator as they are subpar in almost every way (and while they seem cheap to start they add upcharges for simple basics that all the other hosts include for free).

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Please note that self-hosted is NOT the same as is “hosted for you” and as such has many of the features locked down and other limitations in place that will negatively impact your ability to drive significant traffic to and earn significant money with your blog. is great for hobby blogs! Not for monetized blogs.