I’m a writer and artist currently calling Slayton, MN home. I’ve lived in this area (a broad radius that includes rural Nebraska and Omaha) since 1995, when I moved out here with my family right after highschool. I went to college for nursing and worked as an LPN for several years but found it difficult not to get attached to all my patients and their outcomes and came away emotionally exhausted more often than not (I have so much respect for nurses!). I tried a few different jobs after that, including insurance sales and management in a rehab facility, but didn’t really find happiness until 2007 when I got the guts (and an opportunity) to quit my regular “day job” and finally pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a full-time freelance writer. Since then I’ve been writing and editing on a variety of topics for a variety of websites, namely Luxist and most recently Centurion Magazine Online and Departures International, where I write about high-end handbags and fashion accessories. I also do a good deal of PR pitch writing and social media work for an innovative little startup called Bitesize PR and its sister (brother?) site SourceSleuth.

On a personal level I live with new hubby Chris, my faithful little dog Piper, three kitties named Mel, Izzy, and Paddington, and a miniature flock of wild parakeets that arose from a backyard rescue a couple of summers ago. When I’m not busy writing I enjoy gardening, playing around with photography, eating jelly beans, and drinking the occasional glass of red wine.

I’m always open to new people and new opportunities so if you have questions or just want to say hello feel free to email me, follow me on Twitter, or find me online in any number of places.

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